Applying for a place at Thomas Gamuel Primary School

Applying for primary school

If you would like your child to attend Thomas Gamuel Primary School, visit the Waltham Forest Admissions webpage for more information.

If you have any problems with or concerns about the application process:

Primary admissions for September 2019 intake

If your child was born between 1st September 2014 and 31st August 2015, they will be due to start Reception in September 2019. Even if your child currently attends a nursery attached to a school or has a sibling already at the school you must apply for a Reception place.The closing date for the September 2019 intake was 15th January 2019, should you wish to apply for a school place you will need to make an 'in year application' by contacting Waltham Forest Council's Admissions Service.   

Secondary school transfers

Before making the application:

  • Read the Starting Secondary Schools brochure available on the Waltham Forest Website
  • Contact other authorities that you are interested in
  • Contact schools and ask for a prospectus
  • Look at the schools’ websites
  • Find out if any of the schools require a supplementary information form (SIF) or Catholic Certificate of Practice (CCP)
  • Read reports on the schools by OFSTED
  • Go to the schools open evenings

Key points to be aware of:

  • Try and get a realistic idea of whether your child will be offered a place. You can do this by
  • Reading the admission criteria for each school (they are not all the same)
  • Check the number of admissions made last year and how the places were allocated
  • Read the prospectus to ensure that the school’s curriculum and aims suit the needs of your child
  • Think about travel and possible costs

Making your application

Online applications can be made for both secondary transfer and reception applications at: Online is the preferred method of applying.  Paper application forms are available on the Waltham Forest website.   

Outcome of applications

National Offer Day takes place on 1st March for secondary transfer and 16 April for reception. You will receive an email on allocation date to let you know the results of your application. If you have submitted a paper application then you will be written to on this date. You will be told:

  • The name of the school that your child has been offered a place.
  • Applications for schools that were listed lower than the school offered will be withdrawn
  • How to accept the offer that you have been given
  • How to find out more about why your child was not offered a higher preference
  • How to have your child's name added to a higher preference waiting list
  • How the waiting list operates
  • How to appeal


If your application for a school place is unsuccessful, and you would like to make an appeal, please download our appeals form by clicking here.

The proportion of most-able pupils working at greater depth and at higher levels in reading, writing and mathematics is increasing... due to improvements in teaching

Ofsted report, October 2016