Meet the team

Senior Leadership Team

Andrew Bocchi – Executive Headteacher  
Maretha Cilliers – Deputy Head        
Kathryn Parrott – Deputy Head        
Stefanie Janikiewicz – Assistant Head with responsibility for Inclusion (SENDCo)

Teaching staff

Ernestina Agyemang-Kagyah – Classroom Teacher
Coretta Akunda – Classroom Teacher
Minerva Alanen – Classroom Teacher
Corinda Anscombe – Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Practitioner
Jessica Baker – Classroom Teacher
Caroline Banning – Classroom Teacher
Rebecca Farrell – Classroom Teacher
Claire Paxton - Classroom Teacher
Cathy Skinner - Classroom Teacher
Ann Langton – Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Practitioner
Zoi Maloudi – Classroom Teacher
Durre Shahwar Najabat – Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Practitioner
Germaine Perez – Classroom Teacher
Tijen Savi – Classroom Teacher
Emma Thorpe – Classroom Teacher
Clementine Edwards – Classroom Teacher

Teaching assistants

Zaibun Ahmed – Learning Support Assistant
Lorna Begum – Learning Mentor  
Catia Fernandes – Teaching Assistant
Emete Huseyin – Learning Support Assistant
Zakera Moolla – Teaching Assistant
Shahida Rehman – Learning Support Assistant
Eileen Sinclair – Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Sameera Sheikh – Teaching Assistant
Abigail Statham – Teaching Assistant
Mary Winters – Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Midday assistants/Extended Services

Waheda Bhajun – Midday Assistant/Extended Services Assistant (Breakfast and Tea-Time Club)
Summera Sabir – Extended Service Club Assistant
Nicola Blundell – Midday Assistant
Yvonne Carnegie – Midday Assistant
Sameena Elahi – Midday Assistant
Autumn Woolcott – Midday Assistant
Tina Scott – Midday Assistant
Sharon Warren – Midday Assistant  

Administrative staff

Amy-Rose Clark – Administrator
Jean Fitzgerald – Operations Manager 
Leone Maynard-Nangle – Parent Liaison Officer
Jane Coules - Data Manager, Admissions, & Attendance Officer
Anne Baker – Office Manager   

Senior leaders and governors have ensured that additional funding for disadvantaged pupils has been spent effectively. As a result, they make good progress from their various starting points

Ofsted report, October 2016